HubSpot Marine - Business Impact

Implementing HubSpot Marine to increase lead generation and sales revenue for your business 

By striping away the unnecessary and focusing on what actually works in the real world, Clear Commercial Solutions in partnership with HubSpot offer a CRM solution that is tailored to the requirements of a marine dealer. Implementing HubSpot Marine will impact on your business for the better from the start and you will see significant improvements in business generation.

Map A Class Leading CRM To The Exact Sales Process At Your Dealership

There is no value in having extra services and tools in a CRM that will never be used. In fact they will be more of a distraction. That is why in consultation will a number of marine dealers and in partnership with HubSpot, Clear Commercial Solutions can offer a CRM platform that is specifically geared for the marine dealer. This does not mean however that every marine dealer is the same or will have the exact same sales process. From initial consultation moving through to implementation Clear Commercial Solutions work with our marine clients to deliver a CRM solution that exactly matches how your dealership works.

Integrate Your CRM To Your Website To Convert More Visitors To Leads

Using the latest technology to capture more leads from your website does not mean having to completely overhaul your existing solution. HubSpot Marine will enable you to see who is visiting your website and even which products they have been viewing. You can interact with visitors in real time though chat bots and gather valuable information from them with user friendly forms. There are many ways to increase you interactions with new and existing customers using HubSpot Marine.

Automate Many Manual Sales Tasks

From sending out batch e-mails specifically tailored to customers to managing sales processes for individual leads and prospects, Hubspot Marine makes organising and visualising the sales process easy right through to deal completion. 


What This Will Mean For Your Dealership


HubSpot ROI report 2017. Analysis comes from customer survey responses and customer web data over a 30-month period for each customer, spanning 2014 to 2016.

  • Increased leads - through website interactions and from an organised sales approach

  • Increased sales - more leads = more sales. it goes without saying!

  • Higher lead conversion rates -  by increased efficiency in customer handling and a more professional structured approach

  • Increased profitability - from increased sales and  lower cost of sales (due to efficiency savings)

  • Higher repeat business and "add on" sales - better customer relationships mean they will come back to your dealership

  • Better management overview -  clearly visualise what is happening within your dealership down to individual deals

  • Lower cost of sales - through increased efficiency as previously mentioned

  • Sell more with less effort - automated processes means you spend less time on the mundane tasks and can focus on the important ones

  • Provide great ongoing support to your customers - have all the information necessary and all the tools available to meet your existing customers needs and answer their questions...all in one place