HubSpot Marine - System Integration

We Can Work With What You Have

Seemless system integration without disrupting your business

Sometimes adopting a completely new CRM system as the only data repository within your dealership is simply not an option, however good it is. Other sales software platforms that are industry specific or that are a requirement for your dealership have to be kept along side and then there is the question of accounting software. But cumbersome duplication of data and records is time consuming and can lead to inaccuracies and inefficiency. Precisely what a streamlined system should not be.

The answer is to get the software that is used throughout your business to talk to each other.


At Clear Commercial Solutions we have the expertise and experience to integrate HubSpot Marine into your existing systems, whatever they may be. Along with HubSpot we have developed software that links HubSpot with many other platforms including specialist product sales software and accounting systems. If no such linking software yet exists we can build it!

This enables Clear Commercial Solutions to provide marine dealerships with a world class CRM tailored specifically to them that also will update and be updated by other necessary software deployed within your business.

Our aim is to deliver a CRM system that will be easy to use and will work across your whole dealership without disruption and without you having to find "work arounds".