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for Boat Product Manufacturers

Data Mapping Software & Global Leisure Marine Data
Over 50'000 Marine Dealers Economics and Credit Information
Unique Marine Market Data & Business Intelligence

Our mission at Clear Commercial Solutions is to provide our clients with all the tools necessary to succeed within their respective markets. As many of them are within the leisure marine sector, we decided to undertake a fully comprehensive market data review for the industry and to combine unique data libraries with a leading sales data mapping platform: eSpatial. 


The marine data we hold includes up-to-date, worldwide information for the majority of all marine dealers, distributors, and resellers as well as comprehensive information for all marinas and major trade shows associated with marine accessory manufacturers and marine-related services.

The Marine Data Project empowers marine companies to focus on the areas of most opportunity with all of the information needed to grow sales networks globally.

Simplifying the task of locating the most appropriate new dealerships to retail boats and leisure marine products. Enabling detailed analysis of potential new markets, assignment of sales territories, and providing a solution to deep-dive into credit reports for over 160 countries, helping manufacturers to choose the right partners based on all the available information and mitigate risk. 


When coupled with powerful data analysis tools including eSpatial mapping software, our clients can utilise this data to make the right decisions and to focus on increasing their distribution networks, reducing the cost of sales, and ultimately, yield greater profitability.

  • Information for over 50,000 global boat and marine sales outlets including location, contact, and product types

  • Comprehensive Review of global leisure marine manufacturers 

  • Competitor analysis for over 130 of the marine product brands   

  • Geographic and economic data to empower marine sales strategy

  • Global Credit Information to prioritise sales and reduce risk

  • All of the market data required to increase sales internationally 

  • Utilises market-leading eSpatial mapping and data analysis software 

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Market Mapping

& Analysis

Focus where you need to, not where you don't.

Having market data is fine, but in order to have an impact on your business, that data must be accessible and usable to be leveraged to its full potential.


At Clear Commercial Solutions, we provide you, our client, with all the tools you need to take full advantage of the data we provide. This includes analysis and mapping tools that give you a clear, visual interpretation of the most relevant information tailored to your specific requirements.


Using Clear Commercial Solutions' products and services in the leisure marine industry means that you will have the ability to access market information by sector, competitor presence, market segment, and much more.


TThrough our software partner, eSpatial, all of this information is provided in map form and overlaid with key economic, geographic, and purchasing power data by region - enabling you to see where you should be focusing your sales strategy - and where you should not!

Clear Commercial Solutions empower manufacturers with knowledge and information to simplify their sales strategy and significantly increase sales revenue.

The Data

Not just a list of sales leads - it is far more than that.

Clear Commercial Solutions has spent many months using the latest technologies and thousands of man-hours collating, sorting, and cleansing data for the leisure marine industry. We believe that this data is now the most comprehensive, unified source of marine sales market information available in the world today. As an extensive list of potential new customers, it is, in itself, already a valuable resource. Furthermore, what is included will make it indispensable for your business.
Clear Commercial Solutions empowers manufacturers with knowledge and information to simplify their sales strategy and significantly increase sales revenue.

''Our methodologies for reviewing a market are unique in scope and enable our partners to fully understand, map, and assess the sales opportunities that exist in any given marketplace and on the global stage.''

Data Management & CRM

Whether you have a CRM or not, we can help you house your data.

As well as providing data and the tools to best analyse that data, Clear Commercial Solutions can work with you to implement a customer relationship management solution that is tailored specifically to the needs of marine manufacturers. We are specialists in integrating our industry-specific data into our client’s existing CRM's  or, alternatively, we can provide you with a CRM solution built to integrate into whatever system you already have in place. 

Our experience and expertise working within the marine industry prove that Clear Commercial Solutions is uniquely designed to provide you with high quality data, lead generation, CRM, and market analysis toolset that works for marine manufacturers.

Marine Data For Lenders & Investors

Bespoke and targeted data to help you, as a lender or investor, make informed decisions.

Within our team at Clear Commercial Solutions, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in leisure marine finance. Some of us have previously worked in well-known and highly regarded commercial finance companies - providing solutions to the Marine Industry amongst others.


As such, we know what you need as lenders and investors in terms of lead generation, market analysis, market segmentation, geographic and geopolitical considerations and more.


We can help you by providing the information and tools that you require and leaving out what you don't.