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The Complete Cloud-Based Mapping Solution.

eSpatial delivers powerful mapping of complex business data in minutes. eSpatial mapping software enables companies to upload and visualize multiple layers of data, empowering companies to fully understand the markets that they operate in and to improve the efficiency of their sales teams. 
With eSpatial, businesses can overlay their existing networks, targets, and prospects along with informative native data libraries, and add a wide range of the most appropriate demographic or geopolitical data to suit a given industry sector. eSpatial empowers sales managers and business leaders to better assess sales and marketing strategy and to make the right decisions. 

•    Design and assign sales territories with innovative Territory Builder functionality.
•    Encourage teamwork with seamless collaboration for field-based

      or international teams.
•    Analyse information, make reports visual, and easily share results.
•    Dive deep into your business data using advanced analysis features.
•    Communicate your findings clearly with unrivalled styling options.

Transform your business data into dynamic, interactive map visualizations that you can share online or print in seconds with eSpatial Mapping Software.

An inbound CRM Sales and Marketing platform that helps companies attract visitors and convert sales leads.

HubSpot CRM allows sales teams to get started quickly without making significant changes to an existing workflow. It is an ideal solution for companies starting to recognise the value of a CRM or Sales Platform. HubSpot is a totally scalable solution and has the power and features to suit businesses of all types and sizes. This makes it a perfect solution for a growing company. Some of its key features: 

•    Simple to integrate with your sales processes
•    Suitable for almost any industry or sector 
•    Cloud-based, reliable, scalable and powerful solution 
•    Intuitive interface and lead importing
•    Simple Email, Website and Phone Integration

HubSpot will help you easily create beautiful contact and company profiles, as it can neatly organize every single detail from your customers’ communication with you. It effectively assigns and tracks your deals, controls the performance of your agents, and offers a single, detailed dashboard where all team members can keep track of the company’s activities. 
In addition to being a market leading CRM and Sales Platform, users can also upgrade to access HubSpot Marketing – a highly advanced system from the HubSpot suite that will align Sales Platform, CRM and marketing efforts in the service of improved traffic and conversion rates. 

Supplier BASE 

A logical and organised relational online database solution for CCS business partners.

Supplier BASE is Clear Commercial Solutions online database service , designed and built to enable our partners to be able to access and fully understand the markets that they operate in. For CCS data partners, Supplier BASE provides live, online access to a database containing almost every conceivable brand, distributor, dealer, trade show or commercial finance organisation on the global stage. 
In coordination with our annual global market data studies, Suppler BASE enables our partners to log in and conduct research, or find leads most closely related to their specific industry. For the market sectors available this provides: 

•    All product categories, all brands, and manufacturers in a given industry sector
•    The global location of every potential reseller for a manufacturer’s goods 
•    Company profile data, contact information, web URL’s, and email addresses 
•    Global location details with a simple one click integration to view

      within class leading mapping tools and visual reports
•    Relational linkage, between manufacturers, dealers, and trade shown globally. 

Supplier BASE provides CCS partners with 24/7 online access to map out and totally understand the industry sectors that they trade in. Supplier BASE facilitates FULL market knowledge and helps partners to set strategy, grow networks, and increase revenues. 

Citrix Sharefile

Secure file sync and sharing built for mobile business.

With the growing need for organizations to mobilize their business, the ability to sync and share files with employees both inside and outside of the organization is a critical part of daily life. Unfortunately, many businesses rely on consumer-grade file sharing services or other “lightweight” start-up tools—which leaves them vulnerable to a number of data security risks and compliance regulations. Only Citrix ShareFile:

•    Allows for complete IT oversight for security and control
•    Provides flexible storage options for data compliance and performance
•    Gives organizations the ability to integrate with their existing infrastructure
•    Delivers an intuitive user experience for quick and easy end-user adoption
•    Supports next-generation workspaces with document workflows, enhanced

      collaboration tools, and integration with other leading Citrix products

Citrix ShareFile is an industry-leading file sync and sharing solution that meets the needs of today’s mobile business without compromising security. With a robust set of features and integration capabilities, IT can feel confident that data is kept safe without a complicated deployment process.

Citrix Podio

The customisable work management solution leaders trust and employees love working on.

Content, context, and conversations in one place. Whether you’re completing a design project, or closing a sales lead – getting everything related to the job on one page instantly makes collaboration easier. Attach files, view the status and add comments – everything’s updated in real time. Podio enables companies to: 

•    Manage teams, projects, and tasks and be more collaborative
•    Improve processes and team efficiency with powerful, intelligent automation 
•    Customisable to solve almost any business challenge
•    Store information, manage processe or use as team management solution

Get your teams working in sync with content, conversations, and processes structured and together on one tool, Podio creates the focus and clarity your people need to get their best work done.
Podio provides a transparent, collaborative project management environment with powerful automation functionality.  Podio is not only helpful for organizing your work it also makes work more engaging and enjoyable. Podio is designed to increase sharing and peer-recognition to foster great team cultures.

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin is a business intelligence, dashboard, reporting, and data analytics software that delivers improved insights into business data, regardless of function or industry.

Yellowfin delivers a complete enterprise data analytics and reporting solution.  Get the Oversight, Insight, and Foresight your organization needs to get to the “why” faster. Yellowfin facilitates strategic data analysis and provides flexible reporting dashboards and market data mapping, combining all of a companies data sources into one platform. Key functionality includes:

•    Strategic dashboards that monitor your critical KPIs
•    Dashboards that help analyse your business, revealing opportunities & threats
•    Tell compelling stories with Storyboard Reporting 
•    Automate your end-of-month reports with live charts and presentations
•    Highly Secure  - Yellowfin accesses your approved data from where it is stored 

Yellowfin provides instant clarity for your business. Knowing where to find insights within your data is hard enough — having to also find time to build your own reports and dashboards makes it worse. Yellowfin uses machine learning to automate and expedite analysis with a single click, so you never wait for a data analyst again.